About Us

Beltone Helping the World Hear Better


Beltone Hearing has been around for 75 years!
For the past 12 years Beltone Hearing Center (Saskatoon) has been family owned by the Getson’s. The Getson’s are now a 3rd Generation business with Brian Sr. starting in 1992, Brian Jr. in 2002, Beau & Kim in 2008, and Hope coming on board in reception in 2012. They are happy to have a terrifice staff of long term employees. Doris has been with Beltone since 1999. They proudly serve the Saskatoon and are hearing industry with passion.

The Saskatoon office of Beltone is part of a worldwide network that has been providing quality hearing care since 1940. Operating 5 days a week in Saskatoon, as well as offering regular rural hearing clinics, we are proud to provide our customers with the best hearing care available.